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August 15, 2006



live data reflecting Google search patterns

mmm...do you mean "AOL seach patterns", or am I missing something?

Tim Oren

I'm probably being too terse. There's both a search and advertising relationship between the AOL portal and Google. If you type something into the search field at the aol.com toplevel, your results come back 'enhanced by Google'. Google Adwords is also being used to place at least some of the adverts on AOL. So a bunch of behavioral data from AOL is proxy for a (segment of) the data being poured over by Google's yield optimization analysts. It's of course directly representative of AOL users, but we all recognize that Google is a bigger game.

AOL still has no clue. Their new web based e-mail interface uses http rather than https so anyone using it is exposing all their e-mail to snoopers.

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