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March 17, 2005


Jack Bryar

I completely agree with your asessment about the taxonomy ideologues out there. I've tracked the developments in this space for years. Most folks come at this from a very theoretical position that has nothing to do with how language is used in the real world. Most of their formulations are of little practical use and don't describe the way language is used to identify ideas or concepts. When these (bad) ideas are productized , disaster results.

That said -- don't knock taxonomies (properly constructured) as a tool for organizing information. I developed a system that worked prettywell at Thomson's NewsEdge service. The biggest problem we had with management there was that the system was the fact that the system we developed didn't adhere to semantic web models and the framework hadn't been submitted to an academic journal. It simply worked.


Marc Rettig has been thinking about speech acts as a metaphor for designing interactions for a while now. Unfortunately I can't find anything written-up on his site http://www.marcrettig.com/ but perhaps you could contact/cajole him!

p.s. nice to meet you briefly at eTech (at the Nokia stand)!

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