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November 22, 2004


Jeff Jarvis

SixApart and Blogger haven't yet agreed to do Arabic versions of their tools but instead will help others use unicode and such to make it happen. Arabic is apparently on their lists but behind other languages with more commercial potential.

Ross Mayfield

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Dear Sir,

I have read with interest your article.
I would like to inform you that SYSTRAN English<>Arabic has been released in June 2004.
Please do not hesitate to consult our website for further information www.systransoft.com.
We have also developped a website in English, French and Arabic "ALMA" in the framework of the Inco-Med programme co-financed by the EC(http://scripts.oieau.fr/alma/).

You can also contact our R&D director Mr.Senellart at [email protected]

Ali Reza Ebadat

Dear sir,
I want to introduce you Pars Translator as English to Farsi - Persian translation software.

Online English to Persian translation in 38 fields of sciences is available too.

for more ioformation please check http://www.ParsTranslator.Net

Myriam Siftar


Please allow me to introduce MTM LinguaSoft's translation software for Arabic/English/French language pair. We recently participated in the AMTA conference in DC, where we demonstrated:
SEMAP-trans, our bidirectional semantic translation software for Arabic/English language pair.

SEMAP-trans v4.0 lets you translate texts with confidence between Arabic, English and French. With one software package, you can translate documents from multiple subject domains. We offer 20 specialized dictionaries to use in addition to the general dictionary and the capability to develop your own user dictionary.

Beyond the traditional user dictionary functionalities, SEMAP-trans gives you the ability to manage multiple meanings and interactively select the most appropriate sense when word sense disambiguation occurs.

SEMAP-trans also gives user the ability to create and use a Translation Memory to ensure terms consistency and improve accuracy.

Delivering higher translation productivity than human translators, SEMAP-trans answers the needs of global corporations, government agencies and translation agencies that need to quickly translate large volumes of Arabic text. Freelance translators use this product to boost their productivity and re-use past translation "chunks" to focus on editing where sense ambiguity may arise.

For a list of features and benefits, see the SEMAP-trans product data sheet.


Tim Oren

Thanks for the input, everyone. I'm going to close comments on this post now, so it doesn't get bombed by comment spam bots. My e-mail is in the About page if you're coming late and have more information. In due course, I'll check all these out, collate with input I received on the similar post at Winds of Change, and put out a summary of options.

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