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This blog is kept by Tim Oren. I'm a partner at the venture capital firm Pacifica Fund. For my official bio, look here. For an larger sample of my adventures, Google me. I've written code since 1968 and played in the Valley scene since 1984, which makes me a qualified Old Fart and Gray Hair.


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I write about what interests me, and it is my own opinion, except where credited or quoted. I make no pretense to objectivity. A VC without a point of view is a useless VC. My opinions don't necessarily reflect those of my partners or the firm, something I find out regularly. Likewise my opinions don't necessarily represent those of other venture capitalists, firms, or the industry as a whole (if there is such a thing). It's all mine, love it or hate it.

Business Plans

This is not the official Pacifica Fund site. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to send a business proposal to the fund, don't mail me at my blog mailing address. Instead, please first look at our fund focus to see if there's a possible match. If so, then read our contact info. E-mail is greatly preferred. Proposals that are at least a nominal fit to our focus will get a reply, even if there's no interest, though it may take a few days. Those off topic die quietly in the bit bucket.

Just because I blog about something doesn't mean we're looking for proposals in that area. I'm interested in a lot of things that aren't suitable for venture investing or have zilch chance of being accepted by the partnership. Conversely, if I don't yammer on about something, it doesn't mean we don't care. Did I mention you should read the fund focus?

My Name

A lot of people see 'Oren' and think Israeli. I've got nothing against Israel, but I've never been there in my life. The first documented appearence of the Oren branch of our family in North America was in 1746, when my direct ancestor was listed in Ben Franklin's newspaper as a run-away apprentice. There's a message there, I'm sure. If you know where we came from before that, I want to hear from you.

The Blog Name

For those not familiar, Due Diligence refers to the research process done regarding a prospective venture investment, on the people, the technology, the markets, and so forth. You may consider these scribblings to be a fragmentary record of my Due Diligence on the adventure of living and working in the Valley.

Comments, Lack Thereof

Comments are off by default here, and will likely stay so. Anyone opening up a public discussion area needs to commit the time to garden it and remove the noxious weeds. Since I don't have that time reliably, for now the feedback route is via e-mail. I'll reply to interesting notes as time allows, and reserve the right to post really interesting stuff publicly. I may in the future open up comments on selected posts, to see what happens.


Databases, privacy and security, technology generally, geocaching, target shooting, military history, investing, hiking, RVing, trail building, native plant gardening, genealogy, land conservation, good food and wine.